Monday, October 17, 2011

11:11 Code to Awakening

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Post & written by: JanetPlanet

This year we will experience 4 unusual dates..1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11.
A call for armageddon or ascension?

The 11:11 is a wake up call, an awakening code for all to (be amazed enough to stop and) wonder who they are and what they’re doing on this planet before the great change in 2012. Don’t worry, it’s not about the world coming to an end, for if you do nothing, you’ll just go to another planet to stay in the 3rd density and not notice a thing. But if you want to move on to the fifth density, beyond the polarity of good and evil, then it’s time to wake up. Stop watching TV and start soul searching. Break out of the matrix, listen to your heart and inner wisdom that is connected to all that is, and remember why you are here.

In order to make you think, 2011 offers another phenomenon:

THIS YEAR, if you add the last two digits of the year you were born, to the age that you will be this year, and it will always equal 111

Example: I was born in 1963, and will be 48 this year. Add 63 to 48, it equals 111. YOU TRY IT !!!

Part of awakening is learning that the world is full of evil as well as good. You’ll find an ancient history of hidden agendas and malevolent antagonists that have filled the earth with pain and darkness, a history of evil that would scare the average person into delirium. But I say, don’t panic, for as you see these truths unveiled, you will know fully of their existence. When you fully recognize the evil that has run the world, the governments, the churches, the schools, etc. for millennia, you’ll finally understand that it was for our greater good(!) YES, for our good. For if we didn’t have the negative forces ruling the world, we would not choose to BE THE LIGHT.
It is through the choice of free will that God has given us this world. And if we go back to Genesis where Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, we have to realize it was there for us to make a choice, it wasn’t hidden away to protect us from it, it remained in the garden for us to make a choice.
In making the choice for the quest for knowledge, God allowed the snake (lucifer- father of Cain) the right to live (and rule) on the planet, giving Adam and Eve the choice to honor God (light) or follow the snake (darkness). The snake cult reined throughout history in all cultures. They were the great builders of all the world’s megaliths, their blood runs through their dynasties (pharaohs of egypt, kings of england), and in modern day, they are referred to as “reptilians” who live (eat) off our negativity and fear.
Their great teachers included Thoth, Hermes, Pythagorus, and have inspired many a Masonic lodge to their rituals. But I’m not telling you this to be scared. For the conspiracy theory subjects are always shown in panic, as if we should all be revolting to get rid of and kill the bad guys. Jesus reminded us that we can’t win war with war. We can only win this with LOVE.
After years of discovering the hidden agendas, I now realize what a great a job they did. Bravo! And I send love to all of them. Good job luciferians, you made the world full of hate, pain, anger, and fear, testing our faith at every corner. Whenever I am reminded of what you have done, I will send you love instead of feeding you with my anger and hate. I choose not to recognize you anymore, and not to dwell on what you’ve done. I choose the light, the love of community, of family, of a beautiful and healthy earth. I choose to honor God (the prime creator), as an earth steward, a living angel. I am happy to be of service to others and not to self.
So the big message is, as we’re moving toward Dec. 21st, 2012, there will be many things that will cause you fear and panic. It is of utmost importance now, that you SHIFT into thoughts that feel better, and don’t give “feeling” or “energy” to fearful thoughts. Send them love and shift into a higher frequency.
Other than that, it is time to follow one’s bliss. Do what you love, love what you do. Love yourself. Love others. And Envision A Better Tomorrow.

As for me, I agree with what the dolphins said in “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”, “So Long, thanks for all the fish”.

Thanks Janet for this beautiful & well written post. :-)
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