Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Fracking! "GASLAND" Stop Hydraulic Fracturing

Please visit link for extensive details on FRACKING & what we can do to STOP this!


The Corporate Destruction of Australia & Our World

The following videos are from Max Igan

On Australia's water table, farming, wild life, environmental destruction, globalization, GMO animals, plaints & crops, & forestry, Chemtrails/Geoengineering, Fracking, Coal Seam Gas!!! This is happening globally & we must stop this insanity... get involved & become proactive, do it for your planet, for you children, your children's children... thank you



Visit Max Igan @

Thank You 

For the U.S. please visit Save the Delaware River Basin

The Delaware River is facing the gravest & most immediate treat in it's history. A plan to allow 20,000 Fracked gas wells in the upper Delaware could be passed by the Delaware River Basin Commission on November 21st. 

Please take action & stop it here... we need people from all over the country to act now. Also view on the link Josh Fox maker on "Gasland" award winning film maker, a mini film on the Delaware River Basin. Thanks for your support

Three things you can do: 

1) Call the Governors and President Obama TODAY and tell them Don’t Drill the Delaware, and Don’t approve ANY regulations to permit fracking!

Governor Christie’s office - 609-292-6000

Governor Cuomo’s office - 518-474-8390

Gov Corbett’s office – 717-787-2500

Gov Markell’s Wilmington Office - 302-577-3210

And the white house comment line is 202-456-1111 

2) Delaware Riverkeeper Network will host a training session in lawful, peaceful, first amendment activity. For more information, Click HERE

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