Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Lost Book of Enki - Zecharia Sitchin (Audio Book) commentary & read by Josh Reeves

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On the flip-side, the following link was written by Mike Heiser Ph.D, scholar of biblical and ancient Near Eastern languages, cultures, and religions, states that Sitchin is Wrong...

"Zecharia Sitchin, Israeli writer spinning tales of all-too-human-like “Annunaki”. Sitchin published his interpretation of some Sumerian legends about early contact with Visitors from the stars. Unfortunately, Sitchin tends to present Sumerian legends as though they were transcripts from the New York Times. Actually, ancient Near East literature in its cultural context reflects the faulty understandings and distortions of primitive people faced with sky visitors they thought were “gods”, and then in the countless retellings of these visits, ascribing to the Star Visitors the arrogant, ruthless and scheming qualities of their own human rulers. Thus the legends warped earlier events into almost unrecognizable tales, as these stories got passed down. Some Sumerian language experts hold that Sitchin took liberties with the translation and interpretation of what the original cuneiform text said. The basic premise which Sitchin started from is fact: that Sumerians acknowledged contact from Visitors from the stars who helped establish the foundation for a Human civilization. The rest of Sitchin’s tales, the drama about lust, jealousy and wars, are cultural trappings added on by Sumerian scribes taking literary license. These scribes were confused when accounts of the original activity of the Zeta bioengineers perfecting the Homo Sapiens recipe got mixed up with the intrusions by Cabal types reincarnating from the Atlantis civilization the Cabal had destroyed, and were then trying to dominate, impress, and oppress the Sumerian peasants with advanced knowledge and technology they remembered and recreated from the Atlantean times. These Sumer-era Cabal ruler-priests passed themselves off as gods-come-down-from-the-sky [Annunaki]. Sitchin’s interpretation of the confused Sumerian legends as literal fact can be ignored, including his putting forth sensationalistic scare stories about a supposedly-inhabited "Marduk"/ "Niburu"/Planet X heading ominously for Earth, (more Cabal psychological- warfare propaganda)". 
Above quote written by:  Richard Boylan, Ph.D. @

It's always good to have an open mind; researching both sides & judge for yourself.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indigenous Native American Prophecy

An amazing message from the Lakota Indians

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Music from Kelvin Mockingbird 

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Music & Video by Rolen Stout
"Crack the Sky" from the forthcoming album BLOOD MEMORY.
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Native American Prayer

Oh Great Spirit,
Whose voice I hear in the wind,
Whose breath gives life to the world, 
Hear me!
I come to you as one of your many children,
I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom,
May I walk in beauty,
Make my eyes behold the red and purple sunsets,
Make my hands respect the things that you have made,
And my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise so that I may know the things that you have taught your children,
The lessons that you have hidden in every leaf and rock,
Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers,
But to be able to fight my greatest enemy: myself
Make me ever ready to come to you with straight eyes,
So that when life fades as the faded sunset,
My spirit will come to you without shame.
--- John Yellow Lark ---  

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garbage Warrior & Earthship Homes

Garbage Warrior [Full Length Documentary]

About Garbage Warrior
What do beer cans, car tires and water bottles have in common? Not much unless you're renegade architect Michael Reynolds, in which case they are tools of choice for producing thermal mass and energy-independent housing. For 30 years New Mexico-based Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of "Earthship Biotecture" by building self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. However, these experimental structures that defy state standards create conflict between Reynolds and the authorities, who are backed by big business. Frustrated by antiquated legislation, Reynolds lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site. While politicians hum and ha, Mother Nature strikes, leaving communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes. Reynolds and his crew seize the opportunity to lend their pioneering skills to those who need it most. Shot over three years and in four countries, Garbage Warrior is a timely portrait of a determined visionary, a hero of the 21st century.


Earthship Homes- A passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials, thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization & renewable energy - integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills.
Biotecture - the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability & a combination of biology and architecture.

An Earthship is defined by the following 6 principles:

- Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling

- Solar & Wind Electricity

- Contained Sewage Treatment

- Built with Natural & Recycled Materials

- Water Harvesting

- Food Production

Earthship Biotecture Academy:
Become an Earthship Biotect. Attend Earthship classes.

An Earthship is a new kind of building, a new kind of architecture. It is so new, we call it Biotecture. However, we have been doing this for over 40 years.

An Earthship is a building that will take care of you, while still being sustainable,affordable, strong and meeting building codes.

Earthship Biotecture is a design/construction company in Taos, NM, USA.

We travel the world building Earthships as well all over North America, where we are based. Join us at the Earthship World Headquarters... stay a while, build with us. How many Earthships can we build together? Subscribe to Earthship eNewsletter for the worldwide Earthship Community Today! 

Begin here

Earthships provide security in economically unsecure times.

Earthships cost about the same as a conventional home, but a conventional home does not come with all the electricity and water you will use. A conventional home is bad for the planet, is not strong and uses materials that require a lot of fossil fuels to manufacture and get to your building site.

Earthships can provide you with carbon credits, tax incentives and a higher resale value.
Design / Construction Services:

Single family residence, Residential developments, Commercial Structures, Demonstration and Disaster Relief Projects.

Earthship Biotecture
PO Box 1041 / Taos, NM 87571
575-751-0462 (questions)
1-(800)-841-9249 (store)

Words - As a Citizen of the Earth

As a citizen of the earth...
I fully have the right...
to harvest water from the sky
to grow my own food in my own home
to harvest energy from the sun and the wind
to contain and reuse my own waste on my own land
to make my shelter comfortable without the use of fossil fuels
and to harvest what others throw away to construct my own home
I am willing to die to defend these rights and to spread the knowledge of how to
achieve them to others.
If six billion other people said this as well...
we would transcend the corporations, the governments, and the federal reserve bank.
We, the people, would always survive.

-michael reynolds