Tuesday, March 22, 2011 "Interview with James"

Based on the Wingmakers.Com material, those of you who are familiar/are interested with the Wingmaker's philosophy, art, music, and poetry, and all revlevent material that adds to understanding how we can escape the HMS (human mental system) and become Sovregign Integrals (One with First Source). Members should be familiar or open to the Wingmaker's story, "Ancient Arrow Project" on that site, along with all other materials. 
The events and technologies as depicted in the Ancient Arrow story are correct, whilst the names, places, organisations, photo's and artifacts are fictitious/mythological. The factual aspects of the story were obtained by James through a form of RV (remote viewing).


Link to "Project Camelot" James:

The WingMakers Interview

A "Q & A" written interview from James on the Project Camelot website answering questions from Kerry Lynn Cassidy and Bill Ryan... on behalf of their audiences from Project Camelot and Project Avalon.


The attached video is of James interviewed by Mark Hempal webmaster to the WingMakers website.
Click here for the complete playlist links... James WingMakers Interview April 2008

The WingMakers materials are brought to the public by an anonymous source known simply as James.

More about James the creator of WingMakers... "Introduction By James" (Be sure to read the 3 pages of Q & A @ the bottom of the link page).

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