Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weather Modification - A New Weapon System

Geoengineering Map PDF download & website ~

Censored: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube ~

Geoengineering: The real climate threat

Geoengineering: The real climate change threat ~

Geoengineering - perhaps the most controversial topics!

The podcast below is one of the most concise explanations on what is geoengineering & how it has changed and affecting our food, health, environment, water, etc...

Have you looked up into the skies lately? It may be wise to do so. Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar engineering and was a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. He has devoted the last ten years of his life studying climate change, weather modification and geoengineering. He is the lead researcher for He assisted Michael Murphy in both of his movies, “What in the World are They Spraying?” and “Why in the World are They Spraying?” Wigington shares the latest information about what many refer to as “chemtrails.” He and many others conclude that the spraying of chemicals into our atmosphere is causing a cataclysmic effect on our planet. His message is one of urgency and as he says, of “dire” importance. Wigington also talks about the reasons why this wide-scale operation is being carried out and how the overwhelming amount of scientific evidence will soon expose those perpetrating this crime against humanity. Be open–listen up and decide for yourself!
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What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length) 

Why in the World are They Spraying? Full Documentary HD


Chemtrails - Geoengineering Proof ~

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times! ~!

Govt. Documents Link Global Warming to Advanced Military Climate Modification Technology ~

Many people are asking "Why" are they doing this? One of the reasons to "Why" is in this great podcast... a must listen! Down The Rabbit Hole w/Popeye welcomes Karen Schoen to the broadcast. Karen is very active in waking people up to Agenda 21, the educational system, solutions and more. She is a Chairperson of Save America Foundation, Founder of AgEnders and, Director at Florida Panhandle Patriots, a radio show host at American Freedom Watch Radio and more. They get into Agenda 21, what it is, how it is being implemented, the educational system as an indoctrination system, solutions and more. ~

Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (03-03-13) Agenda 21, Education Is Indoctrination & Solutions

ChemTrails Flyer ~
PDF (legal letter size) educational flyer on GeoEngineering, Chemtrails, STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL GEOENGINEERING (S.A.G.). 

Print & Share this information, post on office boards, community boards, schools, neighbors, email, post, 100 different ways to share & spread the word... let this be viral!!!

"We are the people we've been waiting for!" -Hopi Elder

PDF (Legal size paper print) ~


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation

Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation- featuring David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Max Igan, Freeman...

By: Megan 'Verb' Kargher 

vox populi (pron.: /ˈvɒks ˈpɒpjuːlɪ/ voks pop-ew-li) is an interview with members of the general public. Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means "voice of the people".

"Vox Populi, Methods of Manipulation" is perhaps one of the most comprehensive concise film made on awakening material covering all sorts of topics from collective energies as love & fear, big pharma & vaccines, GMOs/Monsanto, the monetary system, government & bloodlines, geoengineering, self empowerment, and much much more! Yes it's a lengthy film, but worth watching every single minute to the very end. Megan "Verb" Kargher features David Icke, Max Igan, Freeman, Jordan Maxwell, Ben Stewart, Charles Veitch, and adds her insightful commentary perspective on the issues the world faces today and in our past, and what we can do to empower ourselves. This is a great film to watch & share with others in spreading awareness, and awakening those who been pressing on the snooze button for too long... 

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